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New Year Specials !

Italia… Bellissimo !

“Bellissimo” in Italian means “Everything is Beautiful”. Rightly so, when one travels thru Italy this will be the word that always reverberates in mind.

Regarded by many as the most fascinating country in Europe or, even in the world; Italy is blessed with literally everything… be it the culture, heritage, music, fashion, cuisines, artistic landscapes or, stunning architectures… its asset-list is countless!

A quick pictorial tour testifying Italy’s versatile beauty….

Venice – the Italian city built on 117 islands – one greatest and most beautiful cities of Art

‘Grand Canal’ of Venice – the major water traffic corridor in Italy

Burano – a pretty island in northern Venice, well known its brightly-coloured fishermen’s houses. This calm island is a photographer’s paradise.

Dolomites – a magnificent mountain range in the Alps, located in the provinces of Belluno, Bolzano-Bozen and Trento (North Eastern Italy)

Montepulciano – a dignified and interesting hilltop town in the province of Siena, Tuscany, Italy

Country Villa, Val d’Orcia – a land of fresh and unspoilt nature located in Tuscany region, Italy.

Bergamo – a little known beautiful medieval city in Northern Italy, set near the Lakes.

Manarola – one of the five tiny towns in a section known as ‘Cinque Terre’ (Northern Italy). Cinque Terre is a region known for its breathtaking sceneries.

Lake Garda in ‘Malcesine’ – a small town in Northern Italy. Malcesine  is a picturesque tourist resort, crammed between the blue lake waters and a massive mountain ridge – Monte Baldo.

A View of Alps – the greatest mountain range systems of Europe

Vivid views of majestic Alps

‘Colosseum’, Rome – the architectural marvel underlining Roman legacy

“Castel Sant’Angelo and Bridge”, Rome – a legendary bridge dating back to 239 AD. It is believed that large number of medieval pilgrims making their way to St. Peter’s walked along it…)

‘Leaning Tower’ of Pisa – another architectural stunner of Italy

It seems, even the word beautiful (‘Bello’ in Italian) may fall short to describe some of Italy’s sceneries !