Life in a village: a brief pictorial journey through Kumbalangi, an island village in Kerala

The village of Kumbalangi is a marvelously rustic specimen of Kerala, the Indian state which is often hailed as ‘God’s own country’.  Wed-locked to Vembanad lake, Kumbalangi is a lovely, serene island which has been developed under the Integrated Tourism Village project of the Kerala Government as a model tourism village.
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Rustic path: In Kumbalangi, one can see how tourism flourishes without disturbing the natural beauty and ecological balance of a place.

Neighbored by… : Kumbalangi is surrounded by Vembanad Lake. More than a hundred Chinese fishing nets form a ring around the village, indicating both the occupation of the people here and the rich aquatic life in the area.

‘Beauty check-up’: Coconut trees look in the ‘river mirror’. A signature scene at Kumbalangi.

‘Natural Netizens‘: At Kumbalangi, you can closely watch or be a part in different forms of fishing using Chinese nets and ordinary nets, explore the marvelous waterways in country boats tasting mouth-watering local cuisine,  and walk through the ripening paddy fields…

A ‘good catch’: This tiny island is  also hailed as a model fishing village. Quite naturally, ‘the Kumbalangi cuisine’ is a rich combination of sea food. Presence of dense mangroves ensures enough breeding ground for prawns, crabs, oysters and small fishes.

Organic farming: Kumbalangi is also recognized for the organic form of agriculture “the patented pokkali farming”. In this form farming is generally done in the water logged areas. The farmers do rotate cultivations between rice and fish or prawns, based on the salinity of the water.

Postscript: Kumbalangi is 15 km away from Kochi and can be reached by road or by boat.Reflecting The stunning green village with its charm and cheer, this rustic experience will  revitalize your mind. If you want to explore Kumbalangi, inform us. has arranged an ideal package which will help you experience the beauty of Kumbalangi at its full form.


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