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Vembanad, the backwater beauty !

A totally different kind of visual feast, perhaps doesn’t limit to words like exotic, eye-catching, etc. that is the Vembanad Lake and backwaters in Kerala. Something that has to be experienced to believe.

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Backwaters, a priceless asset of Kerala ‘aka’ God’s own country, is indeed a unique geographical phenomenon – a combination of interconnected canals, lagoons and lakes – intermediate between sea waters and fresh waters. Around 900+ kilometers of Kerala’s region constitutes the backwaters, of which, the largest waterbody is the lake of Vembanad. No other state in India enjoys such a delightful combination of watery, scenic landscapes.

Alappuzha, one of Kerala’s major districts, is naturally beautified with neighborhood of Vembanad. In the rural parts of this district like Kuttanad, where the land is criss crossed with lagoons of Vembanad, life literally revolves around the waters.

In this agriculturally dominated land, backwaters are the main source of irrigation. Here children learn to swim before they walk. They row boats first before cycling. And, the natives’ first lessons are from the ‘school of backwater fishing’ – much before the real schooling. Rightly so as the backwaters possess plenty of aquatic species (some of them, like the fish ‘Karimeen’ & crabs, are matchless in taste) and water birds.

These are one of the very rare places where the pristine rural life still continues unaltered.

The best way to feel the beauty of Vembanad and rural village life is the ‘houseboat’ (modernized version of the old goods-carrier-barges in Kerala). As the fame of backwaters’ beauty spread internationally, lots of houseboat services are now operating in Vembanad Lake and surrounding canals.

Such a cruise is indeed an ideal getaway from the chaos of modern life. Watching the shores adorned with coconut trees, plants and lush paddy fields, listening the gentle hymns of waters and aquatic birds, the touch of soothing winds, the ‘virtual heavenly floating feelings,’ …….

……. and, not to mention the spicy tasty cuisines, typical trademark of backwater cruises !

After such a cruise, almost everyone share a unanimous opinion – ‘an experience of a lifetime’.

A solid testimony on why Kerala is often dubbed as the God’s own country.