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Bekal, the Fort Biggie !

Fort – a key name in medieval times… well built, mammoth fortresses played a key role in protecting the princely states form invaders. In fact, the number if strong forts in strategic locations were instrumental for the success of every empire / kingdom in the eventful medieval times across the world.

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For heritage seekers who would love to explore these time-tested gigantic structures; there will be a few better examples than the fort of Bekal – located in Kerala’s northernmost district, Kasargod.

This mammoth of a fortress is Kerala state’s largest as well as the best preserved one!

Set in a pivotal location on North Malabar’s coastline, Bekal fort was the prime strong point of various kingdoms (such as Kolathiri Kings, Mysore Kings, British East India Company), that held sway over Northern Kerala during the changing phase shifts of time and power.

Literally, the kingdoms who took possession of this fort automatically secured their power in the region.

Looking out to the Arabian Sea, the Bekal fort area also boasts of a beautiful beach.

Even as years turn into centuries, this fort biggie stands intact – a personification of timeless classical architecture.

…………………… A perfect visualization of elegant massiveness


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