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A wonderland called Wayanad…

The tiny south Indian state of Kerala is blessed with many wonderful locations. But this one will rank very high in the list of Kerala’s beauty-spots. That is Wayanad, a district located in north east Kerala.

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Nestled high in the majestic western ghat mountains, Wayanad is one of the handful locations in the world that still manage to retain its pristine nature in spite of the overwhelming modernization.

A land where ancient civilization existed much before the era of Christ, Wayanad is a wonderful combination of dense forests & wildlife, royal high ranges, lush plantations & paddy fields, ageless pilgrim centers,…. together with marks of prehistoric civilization. If Kerala is the God’s own country; then Wayanad is its Green Paradise.

Prominent ones amongst Wayanad’s innumerable lovely locations:

Ambalavayal Heritage Museum

Arguably the best Heritage Museum in Kerala. This Museum contains artifacts that date back to many centuries!


The habitat of one of the largest earth dams in the country. A nearby Sanctuary and a Park with ever-flowering trees add charm to this spot.

Begur Wildlife Sanctuary

Home to numerous species of wild animals, plants  and trees… particularly popular for viewing elephants, deers, birds and reptiles.

Boys Town

An establishment of the Wayanad Social Service Society and Jean Park (the Indo-Danish project for promoting herbal gardening). An abode of many invaluable plants.


Lying about 1600 meters above sea level, Brahmagiri constitute a vast area of exquisite wild land. It takes about 11 kilometers of trekking from Thirunelly to reach this spot.

Chembra Peak

The highest peak in Wayanad – A trekker’s dream location!

Edakkal Caves

One of the earliest centers of human habitat around the world. The rocky cave-walls are decorated by lots of interesting carvings, which represent human / animal figures, objects of human use, symbols, etc. These carvings speak of a highly civilized people of prehistoric age.

Kuruva Dweep (Island)

A tiny uninhabited Island of evergreen forest located on the tributaries of River Kabini. Overspread with rare species of birds, orchids and herbs, Kuruva Island is an ideal picnic plot.

Meenmutty Waterfalls

A waterfall located deep in the reserve forest. A trip to Meenmutty itself is an adventure (it requires a good trekking through some inhospitable grounds)!

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

The largest wildlife reserve in North Kerala… Also known as Wayanad Sanctuary, Muthanga is a place with excellent wildlife viewing opportunities.


A Bird Sanctuary located around 7 kilometers north-east of Thirunelly Temple, accessible only by trekking! An adventurer’s den.

Pookote Lake

A natural fresh water lake brimmed with evergreen mountains… here one can enjoy the hypnotizing glamour of an unspoilt environment.

Soochipara Waterfalls

A brilliant waterfall, so-called due to the high force of its waters (Soochi means ‘needle’ in local).

Thirunelly Temple

A very ancient and sacred Temple set amidst the reserve forest. Thirunelly Temple is referred as the ‘Thekkan Kasi’ (Banaras of the South) in terms of religious significance. It is believed that bathing in the adjoining River ‘Papanasini’ will cleanse all the sins.

Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary

Another Sanctuary in the Wayanad belt with wide varieties of animals and plants.
With many serene spots still unexplored, this wonderland of Wayanad is yet to be ‘fully discovered’.

Tsingy, a Madagascar marvel !

With information technologies & internet developing like anything, many unseen unheard locations are ‘virtually’ getting uncovered. Still the planet Earth encompasses countless hidden gems of locations within its sphere. Whatever may be the advances in technologies, Mother Nature continues to prove that it is the ultimate artist. Time and again Nature amazes us with innumerable varieties of natural phenomena. Such a kind of natural wonder is ‘Tsingy’, the limestone forest.
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This is not a movie-set or an ancient lost city…. but a spectacular stone forest – a wonderland in the island nation of Madagascar in the African continent.

The ‘Bemaraha National Park’, a nature reserve located near the western coast of Madagascar, houses this 700 square meters big region of exceptional topography.

In Malagasy local language, the term ‘Tsingy’ means something that cannot be walked on bare foot, or to be precise, should be walked on tiptoes! Rightly so, as the top of these highland limestone peaks (most of them standing about 70 meters tall) are bare and razor sharp – no room for normal walks… but highly enjoyable for avid adventurers.

Tingly limestone forest’s roofing is rough & tough nevertheless; but at its lesser heights and unexplored bottom portion, resides some of the strangest species of insects, reptiles …..…

…….. and ‘lemurs’ (Madagascar’s unique animals), supplemented with some vegetation. All together, a totally different kind of world!

Around the world, stone forest is a very rare geographical wonder. Other than Madagascar’s Tingly, just a few exists such as Russia’s ‘Lena Pillars Nature Park’ and China’s ‘Shilin stone forest’ – both known for their crude beauty. However, Tingly closely outscores its contemporaries in terms of its vastness and the plentiful tall & slender peaks.

Acknowledged as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, Tsingy is undoubtedly a tourist’s heartthrob in Africa.